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Functional Beverages & Superfoods: Smoothies, Shakes, Smoothie Bowls, Elixirs, Kombucha and more!
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Passionflower is a functional beverage and superfood truck for people pursuing healthy lifestyles. We serve unique nutrient-rich drinks influenced by our background in ethnopharmacology (the study of traditional plant medicines), global cultures, and our belief in the power of whole foods to help individuals nourish, flourish, experience, and grow.

We have a deep love for good, healthy, and beautiful foods. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on, we artfully craft menu items that are both innovative and accessible. With convenience in mind, our items are designed to be prepared quickly, yet have an attention to detail that is often lost in a quick-serve environment.

We have a rotating list of plant-based smoothies, shakes, smoothie bowls, elixirs, kombuchas, and cold brew.